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Warped minds iof the McCanns

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Warped minds iof the McCanns

Post  Panda on Thu 12 Jul - 15:51

Thanks Annabel I just read the Ambassadeurs and left a comment...very funny. While I was browsing I came across this article , old but interesting.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010The Warped Minds of the McCanns??
I'm really intrigued by the latest statement from the Madeleine Fund, released in response to Jim Gamble's resignation from CEOP. They say that they found the news 'saddening'... Saddening? Why on earth would they find it saddening?

It's been common knowledge for some time that Mr Gamble was eager to relieve his position at CEOP and be employed elsewhere, so devoted to the job and all the children, was he. It seems that his resignation was just something waiting to happen.

But let's go back to basics - the McCanns have a missing child, Madeleine McCann whom they claim was abducted. CEOP have been involved with the 'search' for over 3 years, even during the time that Mr McCann claims that 'no law enforcement agency were actively looking'. Have they helped find Madeleine? No, they haven't - she is still missing. Not even the age enhanced image of a 7 year old Madeleine prompted any leads.

In the eyes of the parents of a missing child - massive fail.

Who would blame any parent for thinking this is absolutely, utterly desperate, our little girl is still missing? What parent would be saddened by Jim Gamble's resignation - wouldn't you be glad to see the back of him and eagerly await 'new blood' there at the top to try a new approach with fresh ideas?

Wouldn't you be over the moon that the government had set up a new initiative which would shake up the whole organisation and would involve specialists in fields such as kidnapping and child trafficking? After all, if you think your daughter has been abducted, these are the people you want on the job.

Think about the renewed hope it would give right-thinking parents. Can Jim Gamble still offer this to the McCanns after all these years.

Saddened... and too busy latching onto other causes or championing crusades for all the other children to distract from the fact that where they are today is because of their own actions.

This is not about all the other children... this should be about their daughter and no-one else.

"In this challenging economic climate, we urge the Government to remember the value of our children and the importance of the invaluable work which is necessary to protect children against the devastating crimes of child abduction and exploitation."

What callous audacity and cheek, never mind the fact that it is directed at a man who is grieving the loss of his young son.

They should attempt to get their own house in order before brazenly telling the world how our children should be valued and looked after. It smacks of nothing but ignorance and hypocrisy, which is something I think we've all come to expect...
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