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Maddie and submarines

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Maddie and submarines

Post  Annabel on Sun 25 Nov - 21:16

Sunday, November 25, 2012
"And we love riddles."

Maddie and Submarines

We love mysteries. And we love to invent stories with an ending, even though not logical, which satisfies our emotions. At times, to feed hope, at others to destroy, mostly because we believe in a fatalistic destiny, the product of mediocrity and blackened hearts, this is always our hope. Look at this in the sense of two cases that have yet again been launched in the hearsay markets.

25 November 2012 Nº of votes (15) Comments (4)
By:Francisco Moita Flores, University Professor

The English police found an English citizen who knows about the fate of Maddie, the girl who disappeared from the Algarve. He was a doctor and it is suspected that he was involved in the trafficking of children. In this case he supposedly knew that the girl was sold to a gypsy gang operating in Morocco. I will admit that gang after gang, it would be easier to place gypsies in the story without having to go to Morocco, but that is the version that exists and nothing can be done to oppose it.

The truth is that the suspect died two years ago and, therefore, this version that has been put into circulation is worthless. I do not wish for the Maddie case to pass into history as happened in the case of the London Ripper, an infamous serial killer of the XIX century, for whom many identities were invented, from the humblest peasant to the most aristocratic of killers. In this more recent case, maybe we don’t have to look so far. That is my case. I also love mysteries and return to repeat the question which I posed here before.

Only a very stupid abductor would enter by a door and leave via a window with a partially opened shutter. Only a magician would pass by that scene carrying a child, or with a child on his shoulders.

The police who carry out the reconstruction will see this impossibility. The mystery lies there and is readily available, without the need for finding girls identical to Maddie all over the world.

But in this other way it is better. It adds to the confusion and the mystery increases. And we love charades.

The case of the submarines is a different matter. So many years after bringing the first trial to court there is proof of resistance. In Germany, the authors of the crime have already been judged, served sentence and although it may be a mystery, I am capable of believing that they would be free if the novel had reached its end. Why is it so? I don’t know. Nobody can explain. It is yet another mystery and we, if the truth be told, like to make ourselves figures of ridicule.

Thanks to Ines (MCF) for translation

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Re: Maddie and submarines

Post  Badboy on Sun 25 Nov - 23:04

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