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I really really really wish

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Re: I really really really wish

Post  almostgothic on Tue 11 Dec - 12:29

I think my second point is not as relevant now as it was maybe a few years back.
In the early days of this saga, practically any McCann story (however trivial or manufactured) would be a scoop and cause papers to fly off shelves.
Nowadays, the occasional Sunday morning Murray/Kandohla puffery-fluffery is not necessarily picked up by other publications - a sign perhaps that the law of diminishing returns is now in play.

And so all that is left is the legal bullying.
And unfortunately that will suffice, Leveson or no Leveson, until the UK's gangsterish libel laws are finally flushed down the pan.

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Re: I really really really wish

Post  marxman on Wed 12 Dec - 11:07

Panda wrote:I think this bloodletting of suspected Celebrities must stop. I hope Max Clifford sues all the Press and this makes Cameron re-think his softly-softly approach. If a Law is introduced that the Press risks having its Licence taken away if it publishes reports which are untrue maybe Reporters will be more circumspect.

Hi Panda, I'm usually in agreement with you
on many points but on this I tend to fully
disagree. All celebrities who have abused their
status in the past, or present, by using such a
position to acquire and commit depraved sexual
acts on underage persons must be accountable
before a court of law. Furthermore, Clifford would
find it difficult to sue a press that was reporting
factual detail about a police investigation concerning
allegations made by what the police would deem
credible and convincing victim testamony.

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