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Another Big Hoax Exposed

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Another Big Hoax Exposed

Post  interested on Thu 17 Jan - 19:43

I don't follow football myself but this Manti Te'o guy whose not-really-dead "girlfriend" hoax, which made him a big hero in the U.S., is making big news today, at least on this side of the Atlantic. The not-really-dead girlfriend even had a name - "Lennay Kekua". Evidentally the press has been running with this story for months but the hoax has just recently been exposed and this is when it captured my notice.

Now the press has turned on this football player who apparently has been doing very nicely for himself in the sympathy department up until now.

The whole thing of course reminds me of the McCanns and how the press have handled them with kid gloves. I just hope I live long enough to see the "mystery" of what happened to Madeleine and those who perpetated the "abduction" theory held responsible.

Being in Canada I had never heard of Jimmy Savile and am horrified reading about this pervert storm and the extent of the abuse over so many years. I compare the story/news about his abuse and the way it appears to have been covered up, to Madeleine's death. Again, I only hope I will live long enough to read that some investigative reporter in the U.K. is able to have this hoax exposed.
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