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Mystic Book about Madeleine for sale

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Mystic Book about Madeleine for sale

Post  Panda on Thu 7 Feb - 20:58

I remember Badboy mentioning a Mystic Book and Lioned replying , but can't find it here. Anyway I checked out the link and the Book was advertised for Sale.

this is the Book, I paid £2.50 and you read it on line , don't know if it works here, it's 225 short pages ( and you can skip a lot ) but the Author was in contact with Brian Kennedy and his Son and I believe Mystic 7 was genuine . If you can't read the book from this link , let me know and I will give a brief synopsis.
AnnaEsse, I asked you on BadBoy's thread and if you look here first can you merge the threads? Thanks.
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