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Mr Bean Star Settles £900k Car Insurance Bill

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Mr Bean Star Settles £900k Car Insurance Bill

Post  Panda on Sun 10 Feb - 15:05

Mr Bean Star Settles £900k Car Insurance Bill

Rowan Atkinson walked away when he crashed his McLaren F1,
but the insurance bill is thought to be the highest ever in the UK.

5:56pm UK, Friday
08 February 2013

Rowan Atkinson walked away with a shoulder injury when he
crashed in 2011

The actor is a fan of high-performance cars

Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson has successfully claimed more than
£900,000 from car insurers to repair his rare and valuable McLaren F1.

His claim, which is thought to be the highest ever recorded in the UK,
follows a 2011 crash on the A605 near Haddon, Cambridgeshire, that left Atkinson
with a badly damaged shoulder.

The unusual repair job is extensively documented in Classic & Sports Car
magazine, with a picture of the burgundy McLaren on the cover.

Ben Stagg, specialist insurer with RK Harrison, said the quality components
used to make an F1 are one reason the repair costs were so high.

The high-performance car makes extensive use of carbon fibre and needed
specialist care - it took weeks just to get a proper insurance
Rowan Atkinson at the wheel of his McLaren F1
supercar in 1998
"All modern supercars are predominantly carbon fibre - most Lamborghinis,
most Ferraris - and the smallest ding in carbon fibre is a big repair job," said

"And part of the engine bay is gold, that's the best heat conductor. It's the
materials they used compared to everyday cars that make it so expensive."

He said many owners baby their expensive cars, driving them only a few times
a year in perfect weather conditions, but Atkinson actually drives his McLaren

The Blackadder star told the magazine he believes supercars should be used,
not sequestered in garages.

"It depresses me when great cars are hidden away," he said. "It's a crime not
to use it."

Magazine editor Alastair Clements said Atkinson, 58, should be applauded.

"He let us do the story because he wanted other enthusiasts to know that he
loves it, that he isn't just some celebrity with an expensive car, that he's
owned it for 15 years and loved it for 15 years," he said.

"He's put it back exactly as it was. He's a bit of a hero. It's much more
than the value."

Although the insurance claim may seem eye-watering to most drivers, the last
used McLaren F1 sold on the open market went for about £3.5m, said Stagg.

After the year-long repair project, it is thought the actor's annual
insurance premium could be as high as £60,000.

Atkinson, whose Mr Bean act was revived during the Olympics opening ceremony
last summer, is currently appearing on the West End stage in Quartermaine's
Terms, by Simon Gray.

He has received rave reviews for his portrayal of St John Quartermaine, a
hapless and lonely English language teacher at a Cambridge school in the early
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Re: Mr Bean Star Settles £900k Car Insurance Bill

Post  malena stool on Sun 10 Feb - 15:48

Good luck to him, to own and drive a motor like that would be a dream come true...
malena stool
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