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Amazon dismisses German warehouse security firm

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Amazon dismisses German warehouse security firm

Post  Panda on Mon 18 Feb - 23:35

18 February 2013 Last updated at 13:53

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Amazon dismisses German warehouse security firm

The Amazon warehouse at Bad
Hersfeld featured prominently in the film
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Online retailer Amazon has ended the
contract of a security firm employed at one of its German warehouses, following
complaints about workers' conditions.

The company, Hensel European Security Services (Hess), was accused of
harassing seasonal workers in a TV documentary aired last week.

It prompted calls for an investigation from the German government.

Amazon said it had now terminated its relationship with the firm "with
immediate effect".

"Amazon has zero-tolerance for discrimination and intimidation and expects
the same from every company we work with," a spokesperson for Amazon said.

The documentary by state broadcaster ARD showed the conditions of employees
at the warehouse in Bad Hersfeld, in the state of Hesse, brought in to help with
the Christmas rush.

It claimed employees' rooms were searched, they were frisked at breakfast and
constantly watched.

Many of the temporary workers came from Spain and Poland, and foreign workers
were shown receiving the worst harassment from security guards.

Hess was under contract to an employment agency, not to Amazon itself.

Hess shares its name with Hitler's deputy in the Nazi party Rudolf Hess, and
the documentary showed security guards wearing branded clothing linked with the
neo-Nazi movement.

Last week the firm denied suggestions that it supported far-right political
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