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UKIP MEP defects to Tories

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UKIP MEP defects to Tories

Post  Panda on Sat 23 Feb - 7:41

Ukip MEP defects to Tories with broadside against 'dictatorial’ Farage

A Ukip Euro-MP defected to the Conservatives last night, in a coup for David

Marta Andreasen also said she
had been attracted by David Cameron’s offer of an in/out referendum Photo: DAVID

By James Kirkup, Deputy Political

9:58PM GMT 22 Feb 2013

Marta Andreasen said she was quitting her party in protest at the
“dictatorial” leadership of Nigel Farage and his approach to the Eastleigh

She was also moving because of the Prime Minister’s decision to offer an
in/out referendum on Britain’s EU membership, she said.

Miss Andreasen is a former chief accountant for the European Commission, who
left after alleging mismanagement in its budget. She is a Ukip MEP for
South-East England.

Her defection may take the shine off what has been seen as a robust
performance by Ukip in Eastleigh: politicians from all three main parties have
privately predicted that the party could beat Labour into third place.

It could also cheer Tories demoralised by their party’s performance in the

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Mrs Andreasen announced her move in a letter to voters in Eastleigh that will
be published today .

In it, she criticises Mr Farage for his decision not to stand in the
by-election, suggesting he is not serious about trying to win Commons seats.
“For me, it confirmed that Ukip is only interested in being a pressure group,”
she says. She also criticises Mr Farage personally. He is the party’s best known
figure and also an MEP. The two are known to have had disputes about his
management style.

Mr Farage “treats any views other than his own with contempt,” she writes.
“Ukip is his plaything to mould and shape in any way he sees fit, regardless of
the views of others, myself included. His actions, surrounding himself with an
old boys club of like-minded sycophants, are dictatorial in sharp contrast to
those of David Cameron who has shown he can listen, adapt and do what is right
for the country, not just for personal gain.”

Grant Shapps, the Conservative chairman, said that the defection was a
vindication of Mr Cameron’s European policies. Her words on the Prime Minister’s
record “prove that the Conservatives are the only party who can protect
Britain’s interests in Europe,” he said.





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