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Forgiving the abductor

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Forgiving the abductor

Post  MaryB on Fri 19 Apr - 14:41

I didn't think too much about this. Till somebody said to me the other day they had read an article about Kate McCann forgiving the abductor. And the person said well if she doesn't know what's happened or even still happening to Madeleine how can she forgive. They were quite puzzled about this.

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Re: Forgiving the abductor

Post  Guest on Fri 19 Apr - 16:38

Let's say that this abductor actually exists, and gets caught, and taken to a court. (I know it's a very long shot, but run with me on this for a wee minute).

Kate can go into the Court and say to the judge and jury, how much she "forgives" the abductor.

Then let's throw him to the crowd outside the Court. I wonder how forgiving they would be.


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