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Ben Affleck takes up challenge to live on $1.50 (98p) a day

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Ben Affleck takes up challenge to live on $1.50 (98p) a day

Post  Panda on Thu 25 Apr - 7:29

Ben Affleck takes up challenge to live on $1.50 a day

Millionaire Hollywood actor Ben Affleck has taken up the challenge to live
on $1.50 (98p) a day for five days in an attempt to highlight poverty around the

Affleck started his Eastern
Congo charity to set an example to his

By By Bonnie Malkin

12:35AM BST 25 Apr 2013

The Academy Award winner will join thousands, including actor Jonah Hill and
singer Josh Groban, taking part in the Live Below the Line Challenge.

The actor and director announced his decision to get
involved with the cause on Twitter, saying he was taking part
on behalf of the Eastern Congo Initiative, the charity he set up in 2010 to help
displaced people in the Eastern Congo.

Organisers of the challenge recommend that participants spend the $7.50
allowance on food at the start of the week. Those taking part are not allowed to
eat food from their pantries or accept food donated from friends and family, but
they are allowed to drink tap water.

"We recommend doing research and creating a shopping list, sticking to
generic staples such as pasta, lentils, rice, bread, vegetables, potatoes and
oats," the website advises.

An estimated 1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty.

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Affleck, a father of three who is married to actress Jennifer Garner, has
said in the past that he set up his charity to set an example to his daughters
and "do more with my life than just make movies and try to make money."
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