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Made In Britain: China Boosts Iconic Brands

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Made In Britain: China Boosts Iconic Brands

Post  Panda on Thu 25 Apr - 10:15

Made In Britain: China Boosts Iconic Brands

As the UK economy continues to bump along the bottom, the
booming market for British brands in China could help drive a recovery.

8:15am UK,
Thursday 25 April 2013

Video: Made In Britain, Big In
Chen Anzhi owns three Rolls Royces

  • By Mark Stone, Asia Correspondent in Shanghai

    As Britain contemplates the prospect of a triple-dip recession, a
    growing number of iconic 'Made in Britain' brands are focussing their attention
    on China.

    In an interview with Sky News, the chief executive of Rolls-Royce said the
    Chinese market was key.

    "The Chinese are in love with Rolls-Royce," Torsten Muller-Otvos said as he
    showed off the company's latest model, the Wraith, to the Asian market at the
    Shanghai Motor Show this week.

    "It is definitely good for Britain because 90% of our cars produced in
    Britain are exported and 10% roughly stay in the home market.

    "That is basically very good for business and for the economy in
    The new Jaguar F-Type, revealed at the
    Shanghai Auto Show this week
    Rolls-Royce is now owned by Germany's BMW but the brand itself is still
    iconically British. The company produced 3,575 vehicles in 2012 from its factory
    in Chichester, West Sussex.

    It wouldn't reveal how many of those came to China but, along with the Middle
    East, China is a vital market.

    "When you look at the long-term forecast for so-called ultra-high-net-worth
    individuals, this is forecast to grow 3-5% year by year," Mr Muller-Otvos

    These ultra-high-net-worth individuals are people like Chen Anzhi, a
    businessman from Shanghai. He owns three Rolls-Royces and agreed to take Sky
    News for a spin in one.
    Sky News is given a ride in Mr Chen's Rolls
    "British to me means very high quality of workmanship; attention to detail. I
    appreciate that," Mr Chen said at the wheel of his bright green convertible

    "Look at my suit!" he said, taking both hands off the steering wheel of his
    vastly expensive car.

    "I think I am wearing Dunhill today. Dunhill's also British I think?

    "I bought three of these Rolls-Royces. Presently I have two: a white one,
    this green one and I had a burgundy one but I gave it away."

    Mr Chen represents one of a growing number of people in China with an
    eye-watering amount of money and a love affair for luxury and all things

    "I love British cars, British furniture, I love to go to London," he

    "I enjoy the very luxury lifestyle, yes. Chinese and British - good
    The Aston Martin stand at the Shanghai Auto
    We pass Shanghai's flagship stores, including British ones like Burberry. The
    reflection of our more than ostentatious car is visible in the windows of the
    shiny shop windows.

    "Fourteen years ago you rarely see BMW and Mercedes," Mr Chen said.

    "Now you see Rolls-Royce and you think 'wow'! What happened here to the
    economy? It's booming."

    Jaguar Land Rover is another 'Made in Britain' brand - albeit now Indian
    owned - which is increasingly popular in China.

    The Chinese market is now the company's largest globally, allowing it to
    invest in new jobs in the UK and set up a new joint-venture project in

    At this week's Auto Show in Shanghai, the new Jaguar F-Type and the new Range
    Rover Sport were both unveiled to the Asian market.

    Range Rovers, often in garish colours with added body-kits, are a regular
    sight on the streets of Beijing and Shanghai.

    Back in Mr Chen's bright green Rolls Royce, I ask him the awkward question.
    How much did it cost him?

    "I knew that question was coming," he laughs!

    "It's close to $1.8m dollars. The price is crazy, I know, but after you drive
    this car, the enjoyment and pleasure, you just forget about the price."
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Thank you China, you have probably saved Britain from a triple dip recession , the first in living memory if it had not been narrowly avoided.
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