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Italy: Baggage Handlers In Airport Bust

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Italy: Baggage Handlers In Airport Bust

Post  Panda on Sat 4 May - 6:16

Italy: Baggage Handlers In Airport Bust

Police arrest dozens of baggage handlers in Rome following
an investigation into the theft of items from passengers' bags.

12:52am UK,
Saturday 04 May 2013

Video: Italian Baggage Handlers

  • Italian police have arrested 29 baggage handlers from Rome's
    Leonardo da Vinci airport after an investigation into the theft of valuable
    objects from passengers' luggage.

    Those arrested are accused of stealing items including cameras and mobile
    phones from passengers' bags.

    The arrests took place after hidden cameras were installed in airplane cargo
    holds to capture footage of the alleged thefts.

    Images from the cameras released by Italian authorities show baggage handlers
    rifling through people's possessions and stealing a number of items including
    Police captured footage of the alleged thefts
    on hidden cameras
    Italian national carrier Alitalia said it cooperated with police at Rome's
    Leonardo da Vinci airport and in Lamezia Terme, where the investigation began in
    2011 and spread to a half-dozen airports across the country.

    Lamezia Terme airport deputy police chief Ferruccio Martucci said
    investigators were stumped as to where the loot was being stolen and theorised
    that the only place where handlers could be assured of secrecy was in the cargo

    He said police installed temperature and pressure-resistant cameras in the
    holds and identified the thieves.
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