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International Space Station Emergency Spacewalk

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International Space Station Emergency Spacewalk

Post  Panda on Sat 11 May - 12:35

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Re: International Space Station Emergency Spacewalk

Post  Panda on Sun 12 May - 15:45

11 May 2013 Last updated at 19:35

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Astronauts replace pump on emergency spacewalk

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    short spacewalk

Two US astronauts have replaced a
pump on a spacewalk aimed at fixing a leak of ammonia from the International
Space Station's cooling system.

Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn completed the work an hour ahead of schedule,
reporting no further escape.

The crew had spotted particles of ammonia drifting away from the laboratory
on Thursday.

Nasa said the crew were not at risk but managers wanted to solve the problem
before Mr Marshburn left the station.

He is due to return to Earth early next week along with the space station's
Canadian commander Chris Hadfield and Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko, after
six months in space.

Liquid ammonia is used to extract the heat that builds up in electronic
systems, dumping that excess energy to space through an array of radiators.

Ammonia flows through radiators
(white panels) to dump heat into space 'No
"No leaks! We're bringing Tom & Chris back inside," Mr Hadfield wrote on
his Twitter account, some four
and a half hours into the spacewalk.

The leak was coming from the station's port side, at the far end of the
backbone, or truss, structure that holds one of the laboratory's huge sets of
solar arrays.

Mr Hadfield reported seeing "a very steady stream of flakes" on Thursday.

It is not the first time that the station's cooling systems have caused

A very small leak was identified in 2007 in the same location, and a
spacewalk was organised in 2012 to reconfigure coolant lines and isolate the

While the crew may have been safe, damage to the power system from the leak
could affect the station's scientific work.

The station currently has a crew of six.
These Astronauts are so brave cocooned in Space , who would have thought we would witness Spacemen in our Lifetime???
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Re: International Space Station Emergency Spacewalk

Post  Panda on Tue 14 May - 11:00

Astronauts Touch Down After ISS Mission Ends

Cmdr Chris Hadfield returns after 147 days in space and is
soon back on the Twitter account that made him famous around the world.

9:48am UK,
Tuesday 14 May 2013

Video: Hadfield takes it easy after the

On the eve of his return to Earth from the International
Space Station astronaut Chris Hadfield has recorded his own version of David
Bowie's Space Oddity.

Video: Chris Hadfield performs Space

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield says he is "happily readapting to the
heavy pull of gravity" after a six-month space mission that turned him into a
global celebrity.

The Canadian tweeted shortly after returning to Earth following his stay on
board the International Space Station (ISS).

"Safely home," he wrote, adding it was "wonderful to smell and feel

Cmdr Hadfield's regular Twitter updates gave an unprecedented insight into
daily life in space and access to spectacular images taken from the ISS.

He touched down alongside American Tom Marshburn and Russian Roman
Romanenko on the steppes of Kazakhstan at 8:31am local time on Tuesday as

TV pictures showed the Soyuz TMA-07M capsule slowly descending by parachute
before landing southeast of the town of Dzhezkazgan.
Chris Hadfield, Thomas Marshburn and Roman
Romanenko after landing

Russian search and rescue helicopters hovered over the landing site to make a
quick recovery.

Teams moved in to help the crew in their bulky spacesuits get out through the
narrow exit hatch of the capsule.

They were then put into reclining chairs to start adjusting to Earth's

The astronauts smiled as they chatted with space agency officials and doctors
checking their condition.

Cmdr Hadfield, who served as the space station's commander, gave a thumbs-up
sign. The men then made quick phone calls to family members and
The Soyuz space capsule touches

Nasa spokesman Josh Byerly, speaking by telephone from the landing site, said
all three astronauts were doing very well.

Cmdr Hadfield, an engineer and former test pilot from Milton, Ontario, was
Canada's first professional astronaut to live aboard the space station.

The 53-year-old relinquished command of the ISS on Sunday.

In a fitting climax to his mission, he posted a cover version of the David
Bowie classic "Space Oddity" that showed him singing and even playing the guitar
aboard the station.

"With deference to the genius of David Bowie, here's Space Oddity, recorded
on Station. A last glimpse of the World," he tweeted.
Nasa map showing where the astronauts came

Lasting five minutes and believed to be the first music video made in space,
it became an immediate hit on YouTube.

It also drew a salute from Bowie's official Facebook page where it was
described as "possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created."

A three-man US-Russian crew left behind on the space station will be joined
in two weeks by the next trio of astronauts.

The Video is on here, but it doesn't work , I saw it on T.V. very apt choice. Here you go.

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Re: International Space Station Emergency Spacewalk

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