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A fairy Story.

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A fairy Story.

Post  pamalam on Sat 11 May - 23:53

A fairy Story.

This was sent by anonymous to my guestbook in May 2009


Date: 5/22/2009, 12:14 am, GMT
Name: Anonymous
Location: England
Number: 136

A fairy story.
Once upon a time their were two people from the land of Gordon who went on holiday to the land of Enchantment.

They had always been told that if they ever did anything naughty, that invisible magic fairy dust would stick to them and it would be very difficult to come off.

So they put on their costumes that they had bought and brought specially with them to wear in the land of Enchantment.
These were different to the costumes they wore in the land of Gordon which were dull and boring work ones.

Anyway they were enjoying their holiday but then all of a sudden they did something naughty and invisible magic fairy dust came down and stuck to them. And they washed and washed and washed and still the magic fairy dust wouldn't come off.
So they went into town and bought more costumes and put them on.

Then an elf came along with a dog who had special powers and could see the magic fairy dust.

And the elf said to the lady you have magic fairy dust on you.

And she said that this was magic fairy dust from the fairy dust factory in the land of Gordon.
The elf thought for a while, then said but you have land of enchantment costumes on.
How can the fairy dustt be from land of Gordon.
The lady didn't know what to say.

Anyway the elf and the dog went on their way.

And the couple carried on their travels in their little cart,which they had hired in the land of enchantment but because they had done something naughty, magic fairy dust again had got into their cart,
so they washed and washed and washed their cart, and changed their costumes again.

When the elf and dog returned to the wizard, The wizard sent them out to look again for the magic fairy dust.

They decided to go back again and see the couple. This time the elf said to the man, your cart has magic fairy dust on it.
O no it hasn't said the man
And just as the elf and dog were going away the dog spotted a pendent around the mans neck.
That pendent around your neck has magic fairy dust on it. said the elf.
The lady was just going to say it's from the fairy dust factory in the land of Gordon.

But the man spoke up and said it's nothing to do with us it must have been from whoever last wore the pendent. But the pendent had come with the cart and had to be worn whenever you were in the cart. to make the cart go.

And the elf and the dog looked puzzled as nothing else the couple wore was covered in magic fairy dust..

And the elf and the dog carried on their way.

But the elf and the dog knew one thing and that was this.
If you ever do any thing naughty, you get magic fairy dust on you, and you can wash and wash and wash but it will never come off.

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Re: A fairy Story.

Post  susible on Sun 12 May - 8:27

Okay, so it's a bit random, but is still a very accurate analogy. Mind you, the official McCann story is not far off being a fairy tale anyway..
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