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Do Maddie McCann's parents know so called mystery couple? By: Chelsea Hoffman

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Do Maddie McCann's parents know so called mystery couple? By: Chelsea Hoffman

Post  dutchclogs on Sun 19 May - 13:56

Do Maddie McCann's parents know so called mystery couple?
May 19, 2013
By: Chelsea Hoffman

Will Madeleine McCann ever have justice?

On May 19, 2013 Express News UK shared shocking evidence in the search for Madeleine McCann -- but what does this evidence truly mean? It's been revealed that a mysterious "middle aged couple" entered the family's rental flat to check on a crying Maddie while Kate and Gerry were away at a tapas bar for the evening. If this latest update in the McCann saga proves true then it could mean any number of things and some of the avenues of speculation do not fall in favor of the girl's parents.

Scotland Yard is in search of this mysterious couple, because frankly this is the most shocking evidence to date in the search for the missing child. However, this middle aged couple could have been anyone from a stranger's point-of-view, and the witnesses who saw this couple were indeed strangers to the McCanns and their circle of friends. So is it at all possible that this middle aged couple came from that circle of buddies? If so, that would explain the group's refusal to participate in a reenactment, which would be important to the investigation.

On the other hand, this could truly be a break in the case that may potentially alleviate all suspicion way from Kate and Gerry. Officials in Portugal once authoritatively declared that there was never proof of a stranger abduction in Maddie's disappearance, so it's hard to believe that two strange people waltzed into the apartment and took one of the three young children. But it's still a possibility. This Emirates article shares the hope expressed by Scotland Yard that Maddie McCann may still be alive. However, after the better half of a decade gone that is also something difficult to envision. If this so called mystery couple knows that they are being sought by investigators, something bad might happen.




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