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Clarence: "Kate & Gerry will do anything necessary to be eliminated as suspects"

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Clarence: "Kate & Gerry will do anything necessary to be eliminated as suspects"

Post  margaret on Mon 20 May - 10:24

With compliments to Jills site, l was searching for the 'Toast' blog entry from Blacksmith but it looks like they've been whooshed.

Anyway l came across the above little nugget. Which l thought may be helpful to remind everyone of now the case may be re-opened and certain people have to be eliminated from suspicion as outlined by SY this weekend.


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

It won't go away Part Two – the detailed evidence

The Madeleine Three

Throughout the summer and autumn of 2007 The Three, that is the McCanns and the spokesman who retailed their views, maintained time and again that they wanted to go back and help with an officially mooted police reconstruction of May3. From November onwards the idea of such a reconstruction, the format of which was fixed and which, of course, had nothing to do with Crimewatch – type badly acted re-creations, began to turn into reality.

In April the McCanns were informed that there was an end of the month deadline for their decision and at that point the tenor of the Three's public statements began to change. As late as January 2008, however, they were still repeating their four month old mantra of full-hearted support for the Portuguese investigation.

Clarence Mitchell, December 5 2007:

"If Kate and Gerry, or indeed any of their friends, are required to go back to Portugal they will be more than happy to comply.They will do anything necessary if it helps them move on and be eliminated as suspects."'

Clarence Mitchell, December 13:

"We are well aware of what the papers are saying but we have heard nothing official from the Portuguese police. If it does happen, no-one has anything to hide and they will happily tell the police what they want to hear over timings and anything else they are not sure about."

Clarence Mitchell, January 4 2008:

"Kate and Gerry, and their friends particularly, are very keen to talk to the Portuguese police again because they want to be able to clarify any inconsistencies to do with the timeline of events on May 3, or whenever the police put forward."

Clarence Mitchell, January 29:

"For some months now we have actively offered to assist this process, to get it underway as soon as possible. Kate and Gerry's friends are keen that it should happen soon and want any bureaucracy - whether it's in Portugal or England - to be cleared quickly.

Any inconsistencies the police believe exist in their evidence can be cleared up very quickly and then we hope Kate and Gerry's names will be cleared. As far as we are concerned this cannot happen soon enough."


Well you can see it's on record many times, Kate, Gerry and the tapas group have nothing to hide are more than happy to have a reconstruction and hope it gets underway sooner rather than later.

Come on SY and PJ reopen the case, l'm sure these views are still held by the McCanns and their friends.
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