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fame costs

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fame costs

Post  cass on Wed 22 May - 10:24

who would have thought way back in 2007 a group of holiday makers would have fame - by leaving their children unattended -night after night and one child never to return to the uk -- theres been a lot of missing children around the world - but what makes this one stand out ? after 6 years it is still grabbing front page news - has there ever been a case like this ? usually police take the lead from the beginning and on their terms -not the other way around -- the fund how many days after little madeleine went missing was it set up -- why we have to believe that the police will try everything in their power to find her - why the fund ok the mcanns needed to stay in portugal and portugal let them do it free of cost -- so again why the fund ? usually cases start with who was the last person to see the child -- oh it was a- b -c but in this case muddy waters from the beginning - but back to fame and costing -- who has it cost this fame
1 madeleine imo yes appeals all good - but madeline has a distinctive eye -- so as soon as that hit the news game over

2 theres the cost of the tapas children and the twins too

3 outside family members of all familys

4 everyone thats had their poor child gawped at over 6 years
5 every child thats given dna to proove they arnt madeleine

who would believe that good drs and proffesional friends could harm a child -- or even leave children alone ? class thing from the start


so what has changed since 2007

there have been funds for 2 more children
shannon mathews

tia sharp
the internet is a wonderful thing and it is because of this that this case will go on and on

what i am seeing here at min is changing times -the press sailing close to the wind - will this case be solved hope so - but i think it will end in ok guv we have lied and did no checks and take what might be comming to them in the form of punnish ment if any

the fame game isnt going well at the min is it ?
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