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Von Aesch.

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Re: Von Aesch.

Post  tigger on Sat 25 May - 15:55

kathybelle wrote:
tigger wrote:
kathybelle wrote:I could be wrong, but I feel sure that Scotland Yard should not be passing on names of possible suspects in Madeleine's disappearance, to the Daily Mail.

While I hate people like Von Aesch, I feel the Daily Mail and Scotland Yard, could be sued, by his family, if there is no truth in the Daily Mail's story. The McCanns were quick to sue every newspaper group, that printed 'untrue' stories about them, so why shouldn't Von Aesch's family sue the Daily Mail!

The Daily Mail, once printed a story, regarding Raymond Hewlett's deathbed letter to his son, stating that a gypsy gang took Madeleine McCann.


The 'Daily Mail' didn't get the story from Hewlett's son. The 'Sun' (If it's in the 'Sun' it must be true) reported the story. However even though the 'Daily Mail', have stated that Hewlett's son spoke to the 'Sun' the 'Sun' state they have had no contact with Hewlett's son, they were told of the letter, by another source.

However the other source couldn't have seen the letter, because according to the 'Daily Mail' who never met or spoke to Hewlett's son, he burnt the letter, because it unnerved him.

Delicate flowers all - Hewlett's son destroyed a confession (think of the millions it would have made him!) and JT couldn't bring herself to say she'd just seen the abductor walk off with Maddie because it might upset the parents.

Scotland Yard detectives have a list of 30 potential suspects
One of them is peadophile and child murderer Urs Hans von Aesch who killed himself in woodland

Helps if you spell it right, especially in the headlines. DM!

I've just looked in the files and there is information which shows that the PJ were interested in the activities of Von Aesch back in 2007.


So if Scotland Yard, didn't pass on this information to the 'Daily Mail', the 'Daily Mail' have got their information from the PJ files. Either way they've got part of their article wrong (why does that not surprise me!). The 'Daily Mail' state that Von Aesch murdered 5 months after Madeleine disappeared, when in fact he committed suicide (according to Wikipedia) on July31st 2007.

The information in the PJ files states that the PJ received notification in August 2007 that Von Aesch committed suicide.

If one didn't know better, one might think the DM (and indeed most of the press) are told what to print by TM-friendly parties. My thinking was that if there is a super injunction out on the 'case' then printing absolutely nothing about it would look very strange indeed.
Printing mush like this however - and so consistently - makes me think it is a drip-feed of tit-bits to keep the papers happy with the odd sensation, selling copies and keeping the need to feed the Ltd. Co. in the news as well.

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Re: Von Aesch.

Post  comperedna on Sat 25 May - 18:42

Possibly true about injunctions, but the only odd or in the slightestest bit conspiratorial idea that I could possibly subscribe to is that one or more of the people in this saga has been recruited to work for M15... Yes, the thought arose because of the current terrorist business. Nowadays the security services actually advertise for recruits, but GM and KM are of an age when, if you were at University, someone might simply ask you if you would be interested. I know this is how it worked because I know someone who was asked and turned them down. People with broad interests, 'hinterlands', lots of things other than working for exams, and ambition to get on in their lives would simply say 'thanks but no thanks'... but the one dimensional characters we know as Mr and Mrs M might not have done so. It is quite possible the peculiarly focussed Clarrie could have been joined up to the spooks too. Fanciful? Yes. But I can't think of any other reason for all the pussyfooting around these people.
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