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The Sun's Misleading Editorial - Friday 5th July

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The Sun's Misleading Editorial - Friday 5th July

Post  hermes333 on Fri 5 Jul - 22:41

Today 'The Sun' did an Editorial, ridiculing the Portuguese Police.

áIt failed to mention that British police were assisting the Portuguese Police
very soon after Madeleine 'vanished'. Indeed, I've noticed that none of the
UK á'papers ever acknowledge that British Cops were involved on the
'Case from the start. That goes for all of the pro-McCann Columnists too.

áAnd 'The Sun' makes out that the Portuguese Police could not be bothered to
carry on looking for Madeleine, when the truth is that they found Zero proof
of an 'Abduction', & saw no point in following 'Madeleine Sightings' from one
end of the Earth to the other......

á Today's 'The Sun' Editorial:,

á Maddie hope

á It is heartbreaking that the hunt for Madeleine McCann fell to a squad of clowns
from the Portuguese police.

áBlinded by their prejudice against the parents, they simply gave up.
á British police haven't found her either. But after a two-year enquiry signed off by
David Cameron they are closer than ever to the truth and have 38 new suspects.
áMadeleine may never be seen again. One cop believes the Met's inquiry is her last chance.
But it's not. Natascha Kampusch was found in Austria after eight years. Three women were
found in Cleveland after a decade.
Jaycee Lee Dugard was found after 18 YEARS in California.
áIt is true they were all older than Madeleine when they were snatched.
But these miraculous happy endings will forever be a glimmer of hope.


And this was from elsewhere in today's 'The Sun' - and if Mark Williams-Thomas does not know
that British & Portuguese Police co-operated on the 'Case' from May 2007 onwards, he has no
right to comment on the matter.

á Local cops help is vital á

ex-cop and child crime expert

áTHIS is the Met saying to the Portuguese police:
"We're going to look to solve a crime in your country you failed to solve."
á I would love to think this will provide the answers to what happened
to Madeleine. But this will only be possible if the Portuguese police work
hand in hand with the British police.
áGiven how different the countries' laws are and the way both forces work,
this will be no easy task.
áI can't see it happening - but I hope I am wrong.

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