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Michael Jackson's Mother v AEG latest news

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Michael Jackson's Mother v AEG latest news

Post  Panda on Sat 20 Jul - 4:14

Michael Jackson's elderly mother has claimed the promoters of his comeback tour failed to provide adequate medical care when he fell ill.

Katherine Jackson broke down as she recalled the events leading up to the singer's death in 2009.

Her family are suing AEG Live, which they claim hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who administered the drug that killed Jackson, as the star's personal physician.

Speaking at the trial for the first time, Mrs Jackson said her son was "being pressured" as he rehearsed for a series of concerts in London.

She said: "My son was sick. Nobody said, 'Call the doctor. What's wrong with him?' Nobody said that."

AEG Live says it did not hire or supervise Murray and claims Jackson had prescription drug and addiction problems long before entering into any agreement with them.

Mrs Jackson said she was close to her son and depended on him financially at the time of his death.

She told the court how he fixed up the family house and gave her cash, cars and other gifts.

The 83-year-old said she was unaware her son had abused medication, adding that he looked "OK" at a family reunion the month before his death.

"Then I saw he was thinner," she added. "I didn't notice at first because of how he was dressed."

During cross-examination from AEG Live's attorney, Mrs Jackson grew increasingly frustrated and confused.

She asked to leave the stand shortly after lunch.

Jackson's oldest son, Prince, 16, has already testified in the trial, although his younger children - Paris, 15, and Prince Michael II, 11 - are not expected to give evidence.

His nephews, TJ and Taj Jackson, have also taken to the stand.
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