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Porkies by Dr. Martin Roberts

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Porkies by Dr. Martin Roberts

Post  interested on Thu 1 Aug - 20:53

Dr. Roberts has a new article entitled, "Porkies" available at mccannfiles.com

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Re: Porkies by Dr. Martin Roberts

Post  AnnaEsse on Thu 1 Aug - 21:05

interested wrote:Dr. Roberts has a new article entitled, "Porkies" available at mccannfiles.com

Another excellent piece. It's said that if you tell the truth you don't need to have a good memory. I reckon the McCanns have just been making it all up and re-making it as they go along according to what they consider to be a better version of the story.

"You can run on for a long time, Run on for a long time, Run on for a long time, Sooner or later God'll cut you down." (Johnny Cash)


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Re: Porkies by Dr. Martin Roberts

Post  jeanmonroe on Fri 2 Aug - 1:58

EXCLUSIVE to mccannfiles.com

By Dr Martin Roberts
01 August 2013


"I want for your children what I want for mine: that they're safe and that their innocence is protected." – Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Is Madeleine McCann safe? She might be, according to Scotland Yard. Should that be so then the matter of her 'innocence', protested on more than one occasion by her parents, is largely beyond anyone's control, or protection for that matter. Perhaps, in her case, the intention is to protect her innocence in retrospect. Maybe that's why Kate McCann decided to deliver up an 'account of the truth' rather than a truthful account - not one and the same thing. Indeed the very title serves as an absolution from the deliberate lies the work contains, such that the perspicacious reader cannot say they weren't warned in advance.

Given the recent emphasis placed on 'new evidence' by the Met and the media, coupled with unequivocal exclusion of the McCanns and their holiday making associates from the current 'persons of interest' pool, it is important that the paradox inherent in this extraordinary situation be made clear.

How can the parents possibly be ignored, when the father claims to have been the last to see his missing daughter (subsequent 'witness' accounts describe unidentified children) and the mother has since maintained a litany of lies, to the point of perjury?

Kate McCann's book, 'Madeleine', far from being a testament to the truth is a fabricated 'account' of it. Yet it exists, having been written, published and broadcast well after the closing date of the original Portuguese instigation. The book contains statements of fact, supposedly; statements which, given the chronology of their presentation, represent new evidence. Not the 'facts', you understand, but the statements themselves, a number of which are demonstrable lies. Such statements of apparent fact as include the following:

"Our own apartment was only thirty to forty-five seconds away, and although there were some bushes in between it was largely visible from the Tapas restaurant." (p.54)

Whereas, according to Martin Brunt, for SKY News (The Mystery of Madeleine McCann, 24.12.07):

"The view from there (the tapas bar) to here is not a good one. It's partially obscured. And of course at the time, it was dark."

"The apartment is some distance away (from the Tapas Bar). It's beyond the swimming pool. There's a wall and a hedge and behind that is a path. It would be very difficult, from here, to see anybody going in and out of the apartment. Going to check on the kids wasn't easy ... eighty paces as far as the gate, the distance between the Tapas Bar and the apartment. Not quite as Gerry McCann described it."

(Tuesday) "We dropped the kids off at their clubs for the last hour and a half, meeting up with them as usual for tea." (p.59)

Creche records archived among the case files show all the children signed in at 2.30 p.m., the younger children signed out again at 5.20 p.m., nearly three hours later.

(Thursday) "I returned to our apartment before Gerry had finished his tennis lesson and washed and hung out Madeleine's pyjama top on the veranda." (p.64)

This was previously offered in a statement to police as: 'When her lesson ended at 10:15, she went to the recreation area next to the swimming pool to talk to Russell until Gerry's lesson was over. Afterwards... they went back together to the apartment.'

(Thursday) "I had finished my run by five-thirty at the Tapas area, where I found Madeleine and the twins already having their tea with Gerry." (p.66)

It is Kate McCann's own signature that appears on both sets of crèche records at the time when all three children were supposedly collected, at the close of the afternoon session – 5.30 p.m. precisely.

"Gerry left to do the first check just before 9.05 by his watch...Madeleine was lying there, on her left-hand side, her legs under the covers, in exactly the same position as we'd left her." (p.70)

In his statement to police on 10 May, 2007, Gerry McCann volunteered the following information: 'Concerning the bed where his daughter was on the night she disappeared, he says that she slept uncovered, as usual when it was hot, with the bedclothes folded down'.

"It wasn't until a year later, when I was combing through the Portuguese police files, that I discovered that the note requesting our block booking was written in a staff message book, which sat on a desk at the pool reception for most of the day. This book was by definition accessible to all staff and, albeit unintentionally, probably to guests and visitors, too. To my horror, I saw that, no doubt in all innocence and simply to explain why she was bending the rules a bit, the receptionist had added the reason for our request: we wanted to eat close to our apartments as we were leaving our young children alone there and checking on them intermittently." (p.56)

This was a staff message book, supposedly, the messages written by, and for, speakers of Portuguese. Kate McCann does not speak Portuguese. She would not be able to understand and translate a complex sentence in that language into an equally complex sentence in English; a sentence such as constituted the 'request', for instance.

"As we now know, the chemicals believed to create the 'odour of death', putrescence and cadaverine, last no longer than 30 days." (p.253)

The possibility exists, at least, that the 'chemicals' herein referred to evaporate, when in isolation, within thirty days. Whether or not they do so as the constituent of a compound however would be quite another matter. In any event it is the longevity of detectable odour (detectable by a trained dog at any rate) that is the salient consideration. This from a UTV news report of 8 March 2006:

"A murder trial heard today of the "distinct smell of decay" after a specialist police dog uncovered the make-shift riverbank grave of pensioner Attracta Harron four months after going missing walking home from Mass in December 2003."

"She had addressed me as Kate Healy, and although this was the name by which I was always known before Madeleine's abduction, since then I'd only ever been referred to as Mrs McCann." (p.189)

Madeleine was 'abducted', we were told, on the night of May 3, 2007. On several occasions, prior to and including May 3, Kate Healy signed the Ocean Club creche registers as K. McCann.


Kate McCann confesses to abducting her own daughter!

"I wanted to make sure that they (the children) would always have access to a written chronicle of what really happened." (p.1)

"Others have seized the opportunity to profit from our agony by writing books about our daughter, several of them claiming to reveal 'what really happened.' Which is extraordinary, given that the only person who knows this is the person who abducted her on May 3, 2007." (p.2)

What the Met and their sponsors in this 'investigation' charade apparently fail to appreciate is that 'putting a lid on it' does not eradicate, or even constrain, the problem. There is always going to be some unwelcome information outside the box, and more where that came from.

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Re: Porkies by Dr. Martin Roberts

Post  Panda on Fri 2 Aug - 10:46

Thanks jeanmonroe, excellent article by Drt. Martin, I just wish he would write to Redwood , cc to Theresa May with all these observations.

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Re: Porkies by Dr. Martin Roberts

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