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Telegraph extract from Prime Ministers Qhestiontime

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Telegraph extract from Prime Ministers Qhestiontime

Post  Panda on Thu 21 Nov - 3:42


Cameron used PMQs to announced the George Osborne is mulling a probe into how Rev Flowers, the Methodist bank boss filmed buying drugs, came to run one of the UK’s biggest banks.
The PM claimed Labour “knew” about Flowers’ conduct and failed to raise the alarm. Mr Cameron criticised Labour's decision to continue to accept donations from the Co-op and invite Mr Flowers' to Downing Street during Labour’s time in office.

Downing Street said Mr Osborne was considering using powers in the 2012 Financial Services Act which allow him to order an "independently led inquiry" into banking issues.
Mr Cameron said that the Co-op bank was “driven to the wall” by Reverend Flowers while “soft loans” were being given to the Labour Party.

He said that Mr Flowers had “trooped in and out of Downing Street under Labour” and was “still advising the leader of the Labour Party”.

Mr Cameron added: “And yet now we know all along they knew about his past. Why did they do nothing to bring to the attention of the authorities this man who has broken a bank?”


Michael Meacher was furious at David Cameron’s jibe suggesting he’d had a night out with Rev Flowers after asking about low business investment. He made a point of order, saying the “unjustifiable, rude and offensive” phrase was unparliamentary. Cameron withdrew, saying it was “a little bit of light-hearted banter”. Michael Deacon was watching.

Was the PM wise to suggest other MPs had taken illegal substances? He’s never answered questions directly about whether he took drugs as a young man. Ed Balls was heard shouting at Mr Cameron: “Have you ever taken cocaine?” Downing Street later refused to comment.


Ed Miliband should distance himself from his middle-class, “Primrose Hill” background to make sure Labour is not known as the party of the “metropolitan liberal elite”, David Lammy, the MP for Tottenham said. “Twenty-first century perspectives” such as those of young disaffected fathers have been 'forgotten' by the Party, he added. Mr Miliband lives in a £1.6m near to Daniel Craig and Jamie Oliver.


“The Prime Minister’s close friend the planning minister is right,” Mr Miliband said in a fit of maturity in the Commons. “What he is really saying is that this Prime Minister is a loser.”

All yahoo politics yet again.!!!
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