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Boy Racer: Fast & Furious In The UK

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Boy Racer: Fast & Furious In The UK

Post  Gary Dee on Sun 29 Dec - 12:09

Since the trend of teenagers modifying their "affordable" cars with go-faster stripes, neon under-lights, and dump valves really took off in the 90s, the media and public have been wary of boy racers. The British government has attempted to force them out of town centers with surveillance, and the cops spend their nights hunting them in unmarked cars.

Understandably, this has driven boy racers to abandon the bright lights for industrial areas, country lanes, and parking lots where they can blare happy hardcore, jungle, bassline, and pull off handbrake turns to their hearts' content.

In the film, the boy racers are followed as they try to unify the scene in their local area. In Essex, there are car meets with hundreds of kids in kitted up cars, showing off luxury paint jobs and bass systems that ruin their girlfriends' hair. And in North London, boy racers take to highways to find their own fun, which, in the past, has had grave consequences.

The summer brings with it super-sized car festivals, where everyone goes to race, get wasted and get their picture taken with pouting, bikini-clad promo models.

Cars get scrapped, street races get dangerous, and things get wild in a parking lot. Boy Racer is a timely spotlight on what kids in souped-up cars are doing today, or tonight, in every town in the UK.


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Re: Boy Racer: Fast & Furious In The UK

Post  Panda on Mon 30 Dec - 9:15

These youngsters spend all their time and money customizing their cars then risk crashing them when they speed...doesn't make sense áá

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