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Blacksmith - 'Fitting the facts' Jan 31 2014

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Blacksmith - 'Fitting the facts' Jan 31 2014

Post  Wintabells on Sun 2 Feb - 16:27

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Re: Blacksmith - 'Fitting the facts' Jan 31 2014

Post  jinvta on Mon 3 Feb - 19:38

The Blacksmith Bureau - Latest Update - "Options"

Monday, 3 February 2014


The evidence that Mr Redwood is a sort of David Moyes, over promoted, out of his depth and facing the end of his career through poor results doesn't stack up. In that sense the people who assure us that he is smoothly carrying out a whitewash have arrived at a very wrong conclusion by the right reasoning: his actions seem to indicate that he has a clear plan and is executing it. The assumption that he is a failing buffoon, on the other hand, just doesn't fit the facts.

The Chosen One?

Why? Firstly, his appointment: you don't give a once-in-a-lifetime investigative review affecting the Yard's credibility to a nonentity but to someone with a track record. Secondly his performance: he effortlessly outshone Mr Campbell, his supposed superior, until the latter retired and began a well paid but doomed job in Jamaica*, leaving Redwood apparently without a direct operational superior. Bad luck Hamish. Within a month of Campbell's departure the visits of the CPS to Portugal were announced followed by the transformation of the review into a full investigation and an increased budget. All talk from the head of the Yard about the need for the Grange squad "to justify itself" has ceased.

In other words Redwood is in charge of his own strategy, complete with almost unprecedented freedom to manage the media his way. There has been not the slightest sign of unease in the home office or the Yard at the extraordinary Mirror/Mail led pseudo-leaks, his emasculation of BBC criticism and virtual takeover of Crimewatch and his apparent acceptance of the risks of such a forward policy, including the risk that his absence of reaction to the Mirror/Mail games might make the Yard look foolish. Mr Redwood has clearly convinced anyone who matters that his high-profile policy is going to bring results, not relegation, and that his absence of comment on the possible leaks is part of a plan.

Two Alternatives

None of us outsiders can see through the smoke to be certain who the targets of the plan are. It is possible that Redwood has someone lined up in his sights whose conviction would eliminate the suspicions of parental involvement forever; and it is possible that he is targeting the parents, particularly since none of his actions, as against his words, have indicated any increased trust or closeness to the couple. So, Option a) his targets are not the McCanns in any way and Option b) they are.

Just as in Portugal in 2007 attempts are quite clearly being made to use the MSM, overtly and covertly, by the police and others and just as in 2007 we hear the chant that we should "wait and see" what happens – that is, sit by as passive objects of the MSM and those who are using it. That is a negation of personal responsibility. Were we consulted in 2007 or 2013 or now about our roles as simultaneous readers and dupes? People have not just a right but a duty to take to Twitter to question who is using whom and why: had Twitter existed in 2007, instead of a degenerate MSM and an unproven Internet, then that manipulation might have failed. The only justification for silence would be a genuine appeal for restraint by Twitter people from the police themselves, with reasons. Perhaps one day that will come about.

Until then we're stuck with the obsolete "system" by which the police talk in confidence to editors and selected journalists to "guide" them as to what those corrupt bastards should tell us – a system that is crumbling before our eyes as the recipients of "guidance" face trial and punishment – or equally secret visits to those same editors by creatures like Mitchell and defence lawyers. How very just! How very democratic!

Which One?

So if we're all being "played" via Crimewatch, via Panorama and via selected MSM outlets what do we make of it? Well it's pretty obvious from the above that the Yard is not trying to stop the Mirror/Mail burglars, stooges, paedofreaks nonsense at all. Presumably they are relaxed about it continuing. It's equally clear that Mitchell, as we know for certain, is involved in the newsfeeds since he was foolish enough to let himself be named by the Guardian. Since he acts for the parents it's equally clear that they too must be involved.

So which way is it pointing, Option a) or Option b)?

Under option a), "the McCanns are not targets" none of this media activity makes any sense at all. None of it. The newsfeeds coming from Mitchell, their demonstrated but clumsy "anonymity", their amplification by the redtops and the repeated failure of the predictions to come true— how could any of that possibly be in the interests of a couple waiting expectantly for the police to lift a seven year burden from their shoulders?

Whereas Option b), the possibility that the McCanns themselves are in some sense targets, makes sense of everything from A to Z, including the inference from the facts above that Redwood is deliberately letting them show their hand.

Make Your Own Mind Up

As always our readers, whom we trust to check the evidence and see for themselves where it's pointing, will draw their own conclusions. We're still waiting for any signs that Option a) is a strong possibility so we suggest we all join nice Mr Redwood in watching Kate and Gerry McCann and Clarence Mitchell being "played" before our eyes.

Lastly, some excessively unrealistic optimists might claim that since even the MSM are beginning to mock Operation Grange because of the procession of "suspects", then the idea that the Yard would stand by or encourage this loss of credibility is absurd.

Is it? Have you looked at the source of the only MSM criticism of the operation? It is the Mirror again, the house journal of Kate & Gerry McCann that has never wavered in its blind support of the pair in six years.

"And if the Met has to write “request letters” to the ­Portuguese police asking if they can search these men’s homes and access their bank accounts, how close are they to arresting anyone? Four officers from ­Operation Grange in Portugal last week, are now back in London having made no arrests. How devastating this must all be for Kate and Gerry McCann – another flurry of headlines, more promises of suspects and arrests... and then nothing. Again!"

A neat little bit of poison, isn't it? Redwood's squad are failing and letting Kate 'n' Gerry down. Now would a Mirror editor who works hand in glove with Mitchell publish a piece like Carole Malone's bleat if Option a) is true? The usual prizes etc.
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