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English Pressure on the PJ 'Maddie' case Correio de Manha

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English Pressure on the PJ 'Maddie' case Correio de Manha

Post  Panda on Tue 18 Feb - 9:06

English pressure on the PJ for the "Maddie" case Correio da Manhã

Three English police officers were in the Algarve

Scotland Yard have sent a third letter of request in spite of the fact that the second letter has not yet arrived with the PJ.

By: Rui Pando Gomes
15 February 2014, 19h51
With thanks to Ines for translation
In the space of three weeks, the British investigators have been in the Algarve twice for meetings described as routine

In spite of the fact that the PJ has still not complied with any of the inquiries requested in the second letter of request sent to the Portuguese authorities, within the scope of the investigation into the Maddie case, Scotland Yard has now announced that it will send a third legal request, with more inquiries of alleged suspects.

After another visit by the English police, for a routine meeting, the day before yesterday, as reported by CM, this new request for help is seen as a sign of "pressure" on the Portuguese police.

According to findings by CM, the second letter of request has still not officially arrived with the Faro PJ police officers.

"The English police can make a request for an understanding. The Public Ministry, under Portuguese law, could refuse to authorise," a legal source told CM.

According to the English press, the commissionaire Martin Hewitt, who is coordinating the British investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann – which occurred on 3rd May 2007, in Praia da Luz – "a letter with detailed requests was sent" on Friday, a legal action that is "part of an on-going process". He added that they "are procedures to enable the investigation to continue successfully".

Chinese whispers, 14 February 2014

Chinese whispers

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt
By Nigel Moore
14 February 2014 11:30am

What the Evening Standard reports:

'Mr Hewitt said so far the Yard had not asked the Portugese (sic) authorities to interview or arrest any suspects.'

What the Press Association reports:

'Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said that so far no requests to carry out interviews or arrests had been made.'

What the Daily Mirror reports:

'He said no requests for interviews or arrests have been made so far.'

What the Daily Mail reports:

'However, the Met Police has refused to comment on the reports - with Mr Hewitt claiming no requests for interviews or arrests have been made so far.'


I don't remember seeing this before, but it is interesting to note the letters have not been sent......up to 15th Feb.
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