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Health Secretary Hunt to veto 1% Pay Rise fo NHS Staff

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Health Secretary Hunt to veto 1% Pay Rise fo NHS Staff

Post  Panda on Thu 13 Mar - 7:22


Having worked in the NHS for a while, the Managers are more culpable than the Staff and previous Health Ministers.

These are the big mistakes they made,

1. Bring back the £6 prescription charge, abolishing it has led to Doctors prescribing items which can be bought cheaply over the Counter and a big loss of revenue for the NHS.

2. Abolish the Sure Start program which employs Staff to go to single Mothers homes to teach them how to cook......there are enough T.V. Programmes and cookery books to do that.

3. If Nurses have been trained by the NHS they should work for the NHS until the cost has been repaid , not go to Bank nursing which the NHS has to pay for.

4. A Senior Nurse or Sister should make regular checks on cleanliness in the Wards, standards have fallen and result in the spread of viruses.

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