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U.K. Government debt

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U.K. Government debt

Post  Panda on Wed 19 Mar - 9:18

This is hard to get your head around ......£1,265,038,654,222

Instead of tinkering every year the Chancellor should be bold and make drastic cuts. People survived without benefits after the War, why are we mollycoddling single Mothers when there is no need for them to get pregnant in the first place??? Why are we paying unemployment benefit when nobody was paid that after the War. Why are we dithering over immigration when we should be only accepting immigrants if they have a job to come to.
Why should we consider being a Welfare State from cradle to grave when we have a NHS sagging at the knees?

Let's put the backbone back in Britain and have a PM and Cabinet capable of achieving this.....nah, forget it, no chance of that happening.  
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