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Extract from Mrs Payne's interview

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Extract from Mrs Payne's interview

Post  Panda on Mon 24 Mar - 10:39

Thanks to pamalam

'Erm, after Jane, I think the next, the next people to leave were Matt and Russell together, erm, and that, again, I would assume is around the sort half nine mark, erm, just to fit in with the way they were checking the children. Erm, tut, and Matt, I do remember Matt coming back and saying well, you know, that 'Evie had been sick so Russell was staying with her', erm, and had told Jane, you know, 'If you can kind of eat up and then go back and we'll swap'. And I remember Jane wolfing down her main meal that had just arrived, erm, really quickly and then sort of heading back to relieve Russell. Erm, huh, I know everyone else has said this, because there was a lot of joking about Jane relieving Russell (laughs)'.

'I was trying not to giggle then. Are you able to say what sort of, what time that was''

'As I say, I'm guessing, in my mind, it's about half nine, because that would fit in with what they've done every other evening, and I know that was the sort of time it felt like, that half an hour had elapsed and, plus, thinking we'd had our starters and the main meals were arriving, so that was, that all sort of fits in, in my mind, with, with the time. Erm, Russell had ordered a steak, I remember that, that night, because I had ordered a steak and they were really perfectly cooked and his arrived, obviously, and he wasn't there to eat it, erm, so they said they'll keep it warm and I remember thinking well, you know, it'll be really rubbish if you keep it warm. Erm, anyway Jane, as I say, wolfed hers down and headed back and then Russell came back to the table and, erm, and I recall this because I thought how good the service was that they actually came to the table and said 'Oh don't worry', you know, 'we'll cook you another steak', you know, 'the last one would be ruined'. So he sat down and there was a bit of a wait while they did another steak for Russell, erm, and so that must be between sort of quarter to ten and ten, because I remember just before Kate returned to the table having, having gone to check on, erm, on their kids, because that was pretty much when Russell's steak arrived, I remember that being at that point' Kate came rushing in


This is NOTHING like we were led to believe from the Press.!!!! spot the differences.
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