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Politically correct

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Politically correct

Post  katertaif on Mon 7 Apr - 21:37

The saga of Maria Miller drags on. Just as with all the rest of them she will not leave until absolutely forced to, and causing untold damage to whatever shreds of reputation we still have in the world. Not that she cares about that.

I can see where Cameron comes from. he is afraid to sack her because of her gender. he has already been accused of not having enough women in his cabinet. So what I ask?

I've said before, and others have said it as well, we don't want the correct proportion of women, Asians, Africans, or Muslims, Roman Catholics or even two headed Martians in such posts. We need, more than ever we need, the best brains the country has to offer, and if that means all women so be it. They would be there because of their ability not their gender, or race or religion. All too many times now this card is being played, with all women candidate lists or all Asian candidate lists and it is wrong wrong, wrong. There is no balance, there can be no balance. By the time they reach the status quo (whatever it is) it will have changed. There is no ideal mix and all attempts to artificially enforce one, will meet with disaster, and diminish "the mother of parliaments" that little bit more.

All the time of course the demographics of the country shifting away from the indigenous, and from council level to parliament. we will have no say. Just as we have none in the EU whatever Cameron tries to tell us.

The only possible way to stop that happening, other than by civil war, is to get those best brains working on the problem of our exploding population. Anything else is the modern version of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

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The replacement for Mrs Millar

Post  Panda on Wed 9 Apr - 20:15


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