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Osborne told to rein in Booming House Market

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Osborne told to rein in Booming House Market

Post  Panda on Tue 6 May - 16:37


we are told more houses need to be built , what about Blocks of Flats, nice ones, not the 60's monstrocities. Every time without fail that the economy starts picking up the Housing boom follows , then goes bust later on. Why don't we have the property market increases reined in. The way to do this is to limit the sale of Houses to 3 or 5 percent above inflation???? It would give first time buyers a chance to buy a Flat or House , knowing it's not going to rise in price after a couple of years to such an extent that they can't pay their Mortgage. Stop the Oligarchs using us and Landlords would not be able to force the rent up too high.
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