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Tighter Rules on Mortgage Lending

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Tighter Rules on Mortgage Lending

Post  Panda on Mon 19 May - 13:28


The Housing Market is responsible for the ups and downs of the Economy , time a radical approach was taken.

1. House prices should only rise by a set % above inflation , any major work done to a Property to increase value must have Invoices etc.

2. There was a case the other day where a Lady had made an appointment to view a property and before she got there the price had gone up by £5,000,
Estate Agents are earning a fortune right now and many are unscrupulous. We all know there is a limit on House Building because Britain is a small Country and the flooding recently in Somerset etc shows Houses should not be built on flatlands. The Alternative is to build high rise Apartments , not like the 60's ones, more elaborate , with security entrance , balconies etc . Many Americans rent their Properties and my American Friend cannot understand the British need to own their own homes when there is no Mortgage stability.
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