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Straw's brother placed on Sex Offenders' Register

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Straw's brother placed on Sex Offenders' Register

Post  Guest on Wed 25 Feb - 6:38

Its an old report but i thought I'd add it anyway.


Straw's brother placed on Sex Offenders' Register

By Maurice Weaver
Last Updated: 2:09PM BST 19 Jun 2001

THE brother of Jack Straw, the Home Secretary, was yesterday convicted of indecently assaulting a 16-year-old girl and put on the Sex Offenders' Register.

William Straw, 47, was fined £750 for subjecting the teenager to a "very frightening" experience. Straw, a regional secretary for the Open University, was said to have been "in the throes of emotional turbulence" when the incident happened at the girl's family home in April. It was the second time in three months that he had appeared at Nottingham magistrates' court.

In July he was bound over to keep the peace after being accused of assaulting a teenage girl in May. Yesterday the court heard that he described himself in a letter of apology to the victim's mother as "a weak and immature individual" with a string of character defects. He denied the offence, however, claiming that the assault was no more than "flirting".

Straw, a father of two from Bramcote, Nottingham, went to the girl's home on his bicycle. "I felt sick as soon as I saw him," the girl told the court, weeping. In the house Straw touched her stomach in a suggestive way and asked her to show him her bedroom, she said. Once there, he began to rub her hips and stare at her chest, she added. After she told him that he was scaring her, he left.

Straw later wrote to the girl's mother apologising for his "utter insensitivity and thoughtlessness." The court heard that he had been referred to a psychiatrist at the time of the offence for depression and was receiving medication. The magistrate, Peter Nuttall, told him: "This offence must have been very frightening for the young lady."

He ordered that Straw should remain on the Sex Offenders' Register for five years.


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Re: Straw's brother placed on Sex Offenders' Register

Post  Guest on Wed 25 Feb - 20:13

This was kept a bit quiet wasnt it?


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