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"Dismal Spectacle"-C.Anjos (Correio da Manha)-13/06/2014-J.Morais blog.

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"Dismal Spectacle"-C.Anjos (Correio da Manha)-13/06/2014-J.Morais blog.

Post  frencheuropean on Sat 14 Jun - 7:59


Dismal Spectacle
13 June 2014 | Posted by Joana Morais Leave a Comment

"The investigation of the last two weeks, if it can be called an investigation, was surreal.

by Carlos Anjos, president of the Committee for the protection of crime victims, former president of PJ Union

If there were doubts about the PJ investigation, lo and behold, the English police conferred legitimacy to it.

The investigation that we have witnessed in the last two weeks, if it can be called investigation, was at best, surreal. While watching Andy Redwood, I've missed Gonçalo Amaral.

The English police had no idea what they were doing, in addition to spending money - in two years they have already spent over €8 million, the operating budget of the PJ in one year.

In two weeks, they told us that Maddie was abducted by an abuser who used to lay down in a bed with minors. And the girl woke up, was killed and buried.

Then there were three Portuguese, but could have been six, that were committing burglaries. Maddie woke up, was killed and buried.

Then, at the searches, they found two cannabis plants and look: Maddie was killed by drug traffickers who were robbing her house.

Objective fact: the English have no doubt that there was a robbery.

Problem: there was no break-in, the doors were locked and nothing was stolen.

So how did they get in? Another mystery.

And then they went, as they came, after that dismal spectacle.

in Correio da Manhã, 13 June 2014 "
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Re: "Dismal Spectacle"-C.Anjos (Correio da Manha)-13/06/2014-J.Morais blog.

Post  Panda on Sat 14 Jun - 9:13

Thanks fencheuropean

If Redwood thinks he can go on for months I think he will find the Residents of PDL will probably go on a protest march to whoever is in charge of the Portugese Police and they will close the case. Redwood is the laughing stock of the Portugese and if Cameron has any sense he will terminate the search now.!!! This does raise the question about what the Trial judge will make of it all. The McCanns swift visit to testify has credibility since there is still no evidence about what happened to madeleine. As the Judge said to the Portugese Prosecutor when he asked if there was enough evidence to go to Trial
"show me the body".
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