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Light and Darkness the Blacksmith Bureau 12/6/14

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Light and Darkness the Blacksmith Bureau 12/6/14

Post  Panda on Sat 14 Jun - 12:20

The Blacksmith Bureau

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Light and Darkness


It was good to read the latest press release from Scotland Yard yesterday: it had a different tone from all the previous releases and was a model of what communications in the case should be. Is it too much to hope that the Yard are beginning to see the net as their friend? And their MSM-only briefing sessions as out-dated?


Our farewell to Goncalo on these pages was simply an acknowledgement that he has crossed into commentator territory that we can't follow him to, aligning himself with a disparate group who can't back their claims with any evidence. Most of these people, along with a number of others, only descended on him once he was thoroughly weakened by the McCann/Portuguese law ambush, all of them seeking to gain from the contact. The odious Bennett and his equally crooked business partner Marsden have been remarkably coy about their attempts to enrich themselves at his expense by acting as "authorised? agents" for A Vedade da Mentira, haven't they? Or the other people's money that Bennett used to tempt Goncalo when the latter hardly knew where his next meal was coming from – but only on condition, naturally, that GA turned up as a trophy speaker to give the miserable "Foundation" some credibility. People like that pair always move in when others are skint or in distress, just as they did on Brenda Ryan when she collapsed under the strain of running her forum and just as they did with that beacon of decency Nigel Moore when they attempted to wrest McCann Files from him at a troubled time. Can you imagine Bennett in charge of the press cuttings?


"Kate's lovely." Fiona Payne.

Unlike the vexed question of the McCanns' actions in Praia da Luz we know almost all that matters about their treatment of the police officer who was still searching for their child after they'd abandoned her and decamped to the UK to save their own skins. The thoroughly black side of their personalities which is only occasionally revealed to us in the context of the disappearance, smothered as it is under the oily sentimentalities of their "friends" (as the Cracked Mirror says, nobody actually knows the McCanns), is on full view in their vicious pursuit of Amaral. No crucifix in her pocket will ever help Kate McCann.

Reely, reely nice

The woman makes token attempts to disguise her psychopathic hatred of Amaral in Madeleine, attempting to portray what is essentially a quest to cause another human being serious pain as a rational attempt to save her child:

"It is impossible to convey, particularly to people outside Portugal who were not aware of Amaral’s behaviour, just how difficult this smear campaign was both to withstand and to counter. And we desperately needed to counter it…Blackening our names was one thing, but if people there were taken in by Amaral’s theories, they were going to think there was no point in looking for Madeleine, or in passing on any information that might be relevant. We are quite sure that Amaral’s posturing has reduced our chances of finding her."

But in a thoroughly out-of-control book the undercurrent of madness that her legal advisers were unable to censor triumphantly breaks through. Rational?

"I spent many days in tears, sobbing at the injustice being done to Madeleine by the very people who should have been helping her. There were times when I felt so incensed by the conduct of Amaral and his friends I thought I simply wouldn’t get through the pain and anger…Dear God. I’m finding it really difficult to believe you’re there at the moment. The more our suffering and pain continues and the more we are tested, the more I find myself doubting your presence, which is really scary. "

"I’ve always been considered quite a gentle person but these attacks [Amaral's] stirred up terrible emotions in me. It was as if my whole body was trying to scream but a tightly screwed-on lid was preventing the scream from escaping. Instead I was just howling internally. My punch bag certainly came in handy at times."

Would you sleep well knowing that a creature like this was pursuing you? Howling? Punch bag? Terrible emotions? What if the shower curtain was torn back and you found that facing you? And then in typical nutter fashion the storm passes and the gay little girl comes out to play again: in the very next paragraph she picks up her skipping rope and starts singing:

"While she [Aunty Duarte] did the preparatory work," she trills, "we were off to the States again – to appear on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show."

Little girlie has a lovely time with huggable Oprah. Not a care in the world. Isn't it fun!

"A choice of clothes and shoes had been brought to our hotel for me…to the Harpo Studios and Oprah’s team. I had my make-up and hair done by two lovely ladies (if only I could look like that every day!). Just before we were due to go on, Oprah dropped in to see us and we wanted to hug her. In fact I’m sure we did hug her."

But soon after meeting Nice Aunty Oprah in her reely, reely nice new shoesies the clouds darken and little Katie isn't being nice at all. Suddenly she's angry which is really, reely scary, especially for Cuddlecat. Just like doubting God. And switches from the nice hotel to the Bates Motel:

"He deserves to be miserable and feel fear."

Sleep well everyone

Dear reader have you ever felt that about anyone? Have you ever met anyone who writes sadistic hate like that down? Sharples says he has – when he was taking a drug cure in a loony bin. And all this is after those people in the acknowledgments section of her book have scanned it and no doubt toned it down. Can you imagine what it was like before? Can you imagine what she thinks in the undisturbed and sometimes "scary" refuge of her private reflections?

That is what Amaral has had to contend with for seven years. And the loathsome Duarte, instead of barricading herself in her office and calling a psychiatrist when Kate McCann outlined her desires and waved her Fund, instead encouraged her and did her very best to help her make misery and fear a reality to Amaral, the horrible, horrible lizard. No wonder she describes herself as the "most hated person in Portugal". Good to hear one truthful sentence from that mouth.

with thanks to mccannfiles
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