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Sacking Blair

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Sacking Blair

Post  katertaif on Tue 24 Jun - 13:29

It seems that several influential figures have finally woken up to the obvious. Blair, as peace envoy to the Middle East is an unalloyed disaster. He has less interest in the Middle East than our family dog. Now they want him out

While I understand that he is not paid per se for that particular fiasco in a career littered with fiascos, the "spin offs" will have made it well worth his while.

Being fired (if he does) isn't going to look good on his resume. Not that he ever did any kind of a job. Since he became Peace envoy, the whole of the Middle East is in turmoil, and while that is not his fault as such, he has done very little about it. I understand that he has only ever been to Gaza once for example.

Presiding over our countries relegation in the world rankings as PM wasn't enough for him it seems. Once again he is sticking his oar in. He handed a poisoned chalice over to Gordon Brown (not that he needed much help in that) He gave up his seat in Sedgefield. It's time to go, and to paraphrase Oliver Cromwell, to make way for better men.
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