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Danielle Lloyd: My Ex-Boyfriend 'Battered Me'

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Danielle Lloyd: My Ex-Boyfriend 'Battered Me'

Post  Guest on Tue 3 Mar - 13:50

Glamour model Danielle Lloyd has released a picture of her beaten-up face in a stand against domestic violence.

The former Miss Great Britain, 25, took the image on her mobile phone after being beaten by an ex-boyfriend.

Lloyd is seen with a black eye, broken cheekbone and a fat lip following the attack.

The photo will be shown during a documentary called Dangerous Love - A Comic Relief Special.

She hopes the move will help prevent other girls becoming victims of abuse.

Lloyd had to spend a week in hospital after she was beaten by the ex-boyfriend, who has not been named.

The incident happened before she earned fame as the winner of Miss Great Britain and became a tabloid favourite.

Dangerous Love will be shown on BBC3 tonight at 9pm.

Its airing follows a photo of R&B singer Rihanna's bruised face being leaked after a row with her rapper boyfriend Chris Brown.

Brown has since said sorry and the pair are still together.

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'One Million' UK Kids Suffer Violence

Post  Guest on Tue 3 Mar - 13:52

1:49pm UK, Tuesday August 15, 2006
Up to one million children in the UK could be suffering domestic violence, a report has claimed.The estimate is part of a UN survey that up to 275 million young people worldwide endure physical, sexual and psychological attacks.

The figures come from a worldwide study by the United Nations on violence against children.

It found between 240,000 and 963,000 children were exposed to domestic violence in Britain.

Dr Amaya Gillespie, of the UN, said more work was needed.

She said: "We are just beginning to develop a clearer global picture of the problem and are in a position to call for action by governments and communities to stop the exposure of children to domestic violence."

The report also revealed:

:: One in 14 children in the UK may receive poor exam results because of the effects of domestic violence in their homes.

:: Children may suffer from a range of effects including low self-esteem, aggression, behaviour and adjustment problems.

:: Young people who grow up around violence may show some of the same behavioural problems as direct victims.

Anita Roddick, of the Body Shop, said: "Domestic violence is one of the biggest human rights challenges of our time.

"It is a global phenomenon of epic proportions that knows no geographical boundaries."

Thats an old report but even so its worth having it here.

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