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Phone calls and hairs frame suspects - Joana Morais

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Phone calls and hairs frame suspects - Joana Morais

Post  Karen on Wed 2 Jul - 19:00

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Phone calls and hairs frame suspects
2 July 2014 |

faces of the English police suspects were pixelated

by Henrique Machado/João Mira Godinho

to follow in a hour

in Correio da Manhã , paper edition, pages 4 and 5, July 2, 2014

Transcript by Textusa

The questioning in Faro’s PJ requested by SY within the scope of the investigation of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance continues.

After the 4 arguidos, today the 8 witnesses requested by the British Police

Hairs found on the couch of Sergey Malinka had DNA very similar with Madeleine McCann’s. This is the main evidence that Scotland Yard presented to the Public Ministry to constitute as arguido the man born in Russia but living for many years in Praia da Luz in the Algarve.

With him, there are 3 other men, now also arguidos at the request of the English police:

José Carlos Silva, driver of Ocean Club in March (Sic, May) 2007 when Maddie disappeared from the resort,

Pedro Ribeiro, who the English classify as drug-addict and schizophrenic,

Ricardo Rodrigues, a young man who at the time was close to Pedro Ribeiro.

These three men made a series of phone calls considered suspicious on the night of March (sic, May) 3 2007 when Maddie disappeared.

SY believes the three planned the burglary and when faced with the little girl killed her and took her body.

All the arguidos were heard on Monday in the Faro’s PJ. This Tuesday the questioning continues, now with the 8 witnesses that SY requested they were heard.

The English also brought along to the Algarve the tracking dogs specialised in detecting corpses. The intention is that the animals inspect the cars the 4 arguidos had in 2007.

The diligences are to extend, at least, until Friday.

in CMTV [Correio da Manhã TV], July 2, 2014
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