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What is Cameron doing?

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What is Cameron doing?

Post  katertaif on Tue 22 Jul - 11:34

In the wake of the latest atrocity in the Ukraine, Cameron is meeting other western leaders with a view to tightening the economic sanctions against Russia. One of the problems being that most of the other leaders notably France, and Germany are none too keen on the idea. Apart from any other consideration, further sanctions would hurt us, and especially London's financial markets almost as much as they would harm Russia.

That alone doesn't make too much sense, unless he realises that it's just a grandstand play, which he knows will not be approved. that again raises two more difficulties. One is that we are becoming a laughing stock in the EU while at the same time annoying Putin. Secondly any business we may lose would be gratefully snapped up by other members.

In any case, are we absolutely certain that Putin is involved in this? bearing in mind that Ukraine was part of the Russian confederation, and does of course have the same weapon systems as Russia.

Both sides now say they had nothing to do with shooting down that Malaysian airliner. There is some evidence, and quite strong evidence that Russian separatists were responsible, but where is step beyond that to say Putin is directly involved. Of course he has influence over the rebels, but how much influence is uncertain. besides which when they do something wrong, unlike us, the Russians don't go shouting mea culpa. They keep it to themselves.

All in all, I think Cameron should be careful. He claims we are coming out of the recession, and economic forecasts are good. it would be a pity to put all that at risk for something we don't know for certain.

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Re: What is Cameron doing?

Post  Lioned on Tue 22 Jul - 16:38

I see its only taken the 'Government' 8 years to launch an enquiry into how a British citizen (allbehim a Russian Spy) got poisoned in this country by two other Russian spy's !

Originally they decided not to investigate as it might hurt their feelings,or something like that.

Well done Theresa May for proceeding with such alacrity ! Nice to know people can get murdered in their hospital beds by the spooks with immunity from prosecution.

Coincidence i wonder ?

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