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Madeleine- The Last Hope

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Madeleine- The Last Hope

Post  kathybelle on Tue 5 Aug - 16:40

I've just found the following link on another forum.


On reading the information in the link, I came across a statement made by the former Labour Home Secretary, Alan Johnson. While I'm absolutely disgusted by his portrayal of the McCanns as victims, I'm not surprised. For the last 25yrs of my working life, I was employed by Royal Mail, Johnson was once the leader of our union, but had designs on becoming an MP. Johnson, sold us 'down the river' and cost us a lot of money, which pleased the Labour Government, who eventually helped Johnson achieve his ambition of being an MP.

The same Labour Government, who years later sprang in to action to assist the McCanns, the minute Gerry McCann contacted the British Government, when he should have been out searching for Madeleine and would have been out searching for Madeleine, if she had disappeared without the knowledge of he and his wife.

In this interview, Andy Redwood speaks of all the information coming together, including information from private detectives used by the McCanns.

I'd love to know which one of the private detective agencies, gave Redwood the information he so gladly received. Would it be the detective agency, run by Metodo 3?


Would it be the Oakley International?


Or would it be Alpha Investigations Group?


The McCanns wealthy backer, Brian Kennedy, was involved with all 3 of these detective agencies.

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Re: Madeleine- The Last Hope

Post  LJC on Tue 5 Aug - 18:54

It will probably be all three private detective agencies kathybelle.

“We are drawing together information from three separate sources,” says DCI Redwood. “The legal enforcement bodies within Portugal, the UK enforcement agencies of which the police are the main part, and also and unusually the private investigation world which as we know is an element that was used by Mr and Mrs McCann in the search for their daughter."

Because he describes the other sources of information in plural grammatical terms it would be unusual to revert to the singular with regard to the private investigation information without making it clear.

He goes on to say “At no time before have those three elements been drawn together in one place. And so what we’ve done over the past number of months is to bring to one place all those pieces of the jigsaw.”

It is not exactly unusual for private detective agencies to co-operate with police teams and it would seem that careful negotiations have taken place with all three to secure such information, without which a full and proper review would not be possible, quite obviously.

I should think to read every single page from start to finish, 40,000 pieces of information, to highlight certain areas which were perhaps not highlighted previously, to discuss these certain areas at briefings in order to determine whether there is any scope to investigate certain areas further; this would be an enormous task for the team collectively.

As for Alan Johnson - ignore I say. His party are not in power thankfully. However, no choice I'm afraid but to call the McCanns victims until there is conclusive evidence to change that. Innocent until proven guilty in court and all that I'm afraid. Politicians are two faced so and so's - they say one thing in public and something else in private. Its all about being politically correct these days.
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