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Julian Assange.................

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Julian Assange.................

Post  Lioned on Mon 18 Aug - 16:23

Held a rather laboured and mumbling press conference today at the Ecuador embassy.

Basically he may leave soon or may not !

More or less saying he has been a political prisoner in detention for 4 years.

Now i know some on here think he's a good chap for exposing,or trying to, the nasty Americans amongst other things but i am not convinced about him at all.

Off course he will be arrested and extradited to Sweden the minute he sets foot outside the Embassy and he fears then being extradited to America and presumably facing charges regarding wikileaks releasing 'secret' documents about the Afghan and Iraq wars.

Some think the 'sex assault' charges were drummed up for that reason.

He has not been held prisoner nor charged with anything yet and can go to Sweden to clear his name if he chooses to do so.

He may yet try to play the 'sick' card though he appears to have denied this.


I think the coverage he has had will if nothing else help to ensure he gets a fair trial,though some may not agree with that.

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