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Do they know what the truth is?

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Do they know what the truth is?

Post  katertaif on Tue 30 Sep - 1:53

We all know Boris Johnson is one of the most flamboyant characters in the tory arsenal, but where does this give him licence to er "bend" the truth?

In a speech today he was joking that he felt offended that he had not been approached to defect to UKIP. Not a teensiest smidgeon of a suggestion he claimed. Then he goes on to say that he met Nigel Farage in a pub some 20 years ago (who hasn't). He apparently said "no no Nigel, it would make more sense for you to come over to us". So from that, in his own words we can safely infer that the subject did in fact come up all those years ago and that he was in fact (according to him) asked to consider defecting.

I also appears in the wake of the latest defection that the tories are extremely worried regardless of what they claim. Should any labour MP defect, it would almost guarantee a sizeable UKIP presence in the next parliament. Should any Lib Dem MP's try to defect my advice to Nigel is to say there are no vacancies.

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