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Splat! - The Blacksmith Bureau

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Splat! - The Blacksmith Bureau

Post  interested on Thu 2 Oct - 0:02

Blacksmith looks at the Summers' "nonsense" - ...."it must have been like writing War and Peace and finding the only review in Traffic Warden's Monthly.á By his mum."á blacksmithbureau.blogspot.com

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Re: Splat! - The Blacksmith Bureau

Post  almostgothic on Thu 2 Oct - 20:41

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Quote about Gurning:

This toothy nut-job straight out of a Joe Orton farce ...

He is absolutely spot on with that!
Mischievous Orton often wrote pompous, Pooteresque letters to public bodies, theatres etc under the guise of a character called Edna Welthorpe, a self-important guardian of public morals. Ring any bells?

Here is an example:

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