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Who knows who.

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Who knows who.

Post  katertaif on Tue 7 Oct - 13:39

Moazzam Begg claims he offered to intercede for Alan Henning, but his offer was rejected by the British FCO. Surely, if he was able to intercede on the murdered man's behalf at all, he could have done so without the knowledge and acceptance of the British government. In fact if he was officially accepted as some sort of spokesman, that would "legitimise" the murderous intentions of IS.

How does he know these people anyway? and how is it he is in touch with them? He claims he knows some of those higher up the tree than the one who actually murdered Alan Henning. Of course he has no idea who he might be.

This has to be sat against Begg doing 3 years at Guantanamo Bay. The Americans arrested him and Begg himself admits that he trained at two islamist training centres in Afghanistan, and is in sympathy with at least some "holy warriors" Released from Guantanamo when the British Government interceded for him, he showed his gratitude by suing the same British Government. he has received an undisclosed amount.

To me his offer to have interceded for Mr. Henning raises more questions than answers.
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