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Correio de Manha - Brenda was "crucified"

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Re: Correio de Manha - Brenda was "crucified"

Post  mossman on Tue 7 Oct - 17:45

Critique of McCann crucified on Sky
Brenda Leyland denounced by Maddie say parents should "suffer the rest of my life."
By Sérgio Vitorino

A campaign on the social networks of the internet is to attack the British press by "cruel" treatment of Brenda Leyland, the Englishwoman who was found dead yesterday after being publicly denounced by a satellite internet have attacked Kate and Gerry McCann, parents of Maddie - the British girl disappeared in the Algarve on May 3 2007. 

The causes of death have not yet been determined, but police say no evidence of foul play. The reformed 63 years was found dead in the Hotel Marriott Leicester room. 

Brenda Leyland was denounced Thursday by Sky News television as one of the people who attacked the McCanns. On the social network Twitter, the woman will put the message: "Even when the McCanns deserve to suffer the rest of their miserable lives?". Journalist Martin Brunt, Sky, who accompanied the Maddie case and was very critical of the Judiciary, confronted her at your doorstep - just 24 kilometers from the residence of McCann. Brenda Leyland replied that he had "the right to opinion." The woman disappeared Friday. 

Ben, 20 years, son of Brenda, published a tribute to his mother: "I love you and I have missed you forever I love you and thanks to light.." The Facebook campaign 'Sack Martin Brunt' (to fire Martin Brunt) yesterday had more than 1,400 supporters. 

Along with a request to discuss "judgments made by the TV," the campaign denouncing the alleged cruelty of Sky in spreading the image of Brenda, who studied in a convent school. Katie Hopkins, a columnist for 'The Sun', posted on Twitter: "How many more must die before the McCanns accept that their neglect is the core of your pain?" Sky News refused to relate the death to disclosure of the identity of the woman.
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