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Western economy and oil

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Western economy and oil

Post  katertaif on Thu 13 Nov - 22:31

Apparently the guy in charge of ISIL survived the air strike. Now he is calling for nothing less than rebellion in Saudi Arabia. I don't for one moment think it will happen. There may be some unrest but the house of Saud, has got things pretty well buttoned up. I shudder to think of what would happen if anything were to happen to the Saudi Oil fields. They are by far the biggest producer, and have the capacity to increase that immediately. We, or at least the west are the biggest beneficiaries.

We would be faced with more than unrest. Then I assume this Bag daddy or whatever he calls himself this week, has thought about it and come to the same conclusion. When Abdul Aziz ibn Saud took control in 1932 (1351 AH) he marshalled the most troublesome tribes into the National Guard. They have the absolute best of everything, which even includes; shall we say forbidden things. They don't want anything upsetting their lifestyle, neither do the regular forces or the police. You can always tell a policeman. Scruffy isn't the word.

loss of oil wouldn't just mean personal hardship. Industry would grind to a halt en masse
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