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silver anniversary

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silver anniversary

Post  katertaif on Wed 26 Nov - 0:19

For their 25th anniversary, Hamas have published a map showing the whole of Israel in Hamas green. Assuming the Iranians don't send a missile with a nuclear warhead that is. A leading cleric in Egypt has stated that it wouldn't matter whether or not the Jews had occupied "Palestine" they would kill Jews anyway. He makes no distinction between Jews, and Israelis. All Jews must be killed wherever they are. Not for taking "Palestine away from them, but simply for being Jews. So the war goes on and still the UN will beat it's collective breast and blindly blame Israel for doing what any other country has the right to do........... defend itself.

At the same time a map was released showing the territories that ISIS/ISIL intend to reconquer. Most of Africa, down to and including the Congo. All the Middle East of course. Spain and Portugal, or Andalus as they are calling it. The Balkans. Azerbaijan, and Chechnya, plus all of the Indian subcontinent,, including Kashmir, and Tibet etc.

Their right to these countries is based on a simple theme. Once having been Muslim, it remains Muslim forever. Apparently the people they wrested it from have no say. I would have thought that by the same logic, the land belongs to who had it before the Muslims took it. It seems however that logic only goes so far with these extremists.

In any event I would challenge that they ever held the whole of the Indian sub - continent. There were Muslims all over prior to partition in 1947 creating Pakistan, and still are, but they were never in the saddle so to speak. The same goes for Spain and Portugal, they held approximately a third of "Andalus" their map shows it now all black. I'm also not sure about all of the Balkans,, some of it yes, but by no means all.

One way or another the next few years are going to be bloody. If Iran doesn't give the extremists the secrets of the Nuclear bomb. That would certainly lead to destruction of Israel and much of the Middle East in retaliation. The extremists could blow us all to kingdom come. Oh sorry, we're infidels,, we don't get there, like the Israelis.
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