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A surprising article

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A surprising article

Post  katertaif on Fri 8 May - 23:56

A normally well informed and respected source of news and opinion is the Gatestone Institute. I was rather surprised then to read an article claiming that the best way to counter the Terrorists movement IS would be to ignore it altogether. One US politician saying in effect let the Middle East have it's civil war, and we'll pick up the pieces when they are done. I regard these as very irresponsible statements.

A recent documentary showed that many are only two willing to buy oil from those wells overrun by the extremists even to the extent of small groups "distilling" a barrel at a time. Add to the paying of ransom demands and plain outright robbery. I cannot for the life of me see how inaction is an option when IS have a war chest already believed to be in excess of £3billion. In any case, a civil war embroiling the whole of the Middle East would inevitably spill over, with the danger of dragging others into it. It would certainly disrupt oil supplies. This is to say nothing of the tens of thousands of innocents who would die.

I believe that author of that article has just not thought it through.
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