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calls to resign

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calls to resign

Post  katertaif on Wed 20 May - 10:40

Although I don't watch Loose Women (my government does sometimes) I saw an article where Colleen Nolan supposedly compared gay people with Islamic State terrorists. I watched the clip, but I can't see it. Apparently a bakery was asked to bake a cake for a gay couple, and the bakery refused. Now I don't know the law on this point so I cannot say if the bakery was within it's rights or not. For what it's worth I think the bakery was out of order, whether within the law or not.

Colleen Nolan remarked on air that if IS approached the bakery and asked for a cake made flaunting their black flag, and the bakery refused we would all be applauding. That is quite true we would. They may have been in the wrong in not baking this cake for the couple as I say I don't know. I can't for the life of me see how she was comparing gay people with IS. Now they are calling for her to resign or be sacked.

It seems to me that there are too many people around the world who take offence for a profession. If they can refuse business because the customer is gay, where does it end? Does a Protestant bakery refuse to do business with Catholics?

Apart from any other consideration, I can see this bakery losing custom. What then? Do all the anti's rise up in righteous wrath?
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