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A nuclear Iran

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A nuclear Iran

Post  katertaif on Thu 4 Jun - 23:27

Anyone who still believes that Iran is not progressing toward a nuclear weapon together with the means to deliver it is living I'm afraid in cloud cuckoo land. Iran most certainly is working to that end. The many talks and summits have produced nothing. Obama has reneged on his previous agreements (quelle surprise)and in effect given the Iranians the go ahead. The US will interfere if it deems it necessary, and that in itself is couched in very nebulous terms. I have always been suspicious of Obama and his agenda and this latest confirms that.

Once Iran has a nuclear weapon , and they are even as we speak negotiating with N. Korea regarding missile delivery systems. It does not take the brains of Britain to work out where the first (and possibly the last) will be aimed they have not made any great secret of it. Still, there are those who don't believe it can possibly happen. While I believe they are wrong, I fervently hope they are right.

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