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When is a crime not a crime.

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When is a crime not a crime.

Post  katertaif on Tue 20 Oct - 9:11

Apparently when committed by a world class athlete, and a double amputee at that. Most countries have a, shall we say soft spot for their sportsmen and women, especially when having to overcome a handicap such as Pistorius. In my day there it was Rugby. Surely not to the point of Murder though. It's all been said before about his anger issues, and he shouldn't have ever been given a gun licence. Even House Arrest apparently isn't to be taken literally. It's expected that he will be able to carry out a near normal iife between Dawn and dusk. After dusk, most of us go home anyway. So effectively, even the derisory 5 years, becomes been more derisory. Will he be allowed to race during this farce of a sentence I wonder. I wouldn't be too surprised.

It may be the law now, but it can't be called justice.
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